The Power of Constructive Pause

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Power of Constructive Pause is a simple yet powerful Self-care practice to restore your body and mind. It will energise you from being that tired person to feeling relaxed. It helps you improve your posture, calm your nervous system and release tension.

The Power of Constructive Pause is the art of stopping to let yourself think and feel and paying close attention to an experience without criticism, judgment, or defensiveness, which can play an important role.

Research suggests that many eastern meditative practices like mindfulness often involve choosing specific bodily processes to focus on reflective practice (e.g.breathing, the rise and fall of the chest or stomach, sensations of air through the nostrils).  Accept all feelings without criticism or judgment, and observe any sensations with curiosity and interest.  Over time with this practice, the person will begin to experience a fading of sensory awareness (or much greater tolerance), and their anxiety diminishes with the willingness to invite in the different sensations.

Have you ever heard that ‘little voice’ in your head that tells you ‘can’t do it’ or ‘what’s the point?’ ‘I am too stressed and cannot work effectively’ ‘I am overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do, and this new project frightens me’ That inner voice is the critic inside of everyone that causes many challenges at work.

Worries and frets over new workplace challenges, family issues and many more arise, often creating enough doubt to make you believe you can’t do it, whatever it may be.

There are times when listening to your ‘gut’ comes in handy, but for the most part, what is perceived as a gut reaction is simply fear of failure or rejection before the event even takes place. So how can you squelch your inner critic so you can move on and build the success at work that you dream of?

You may frequently be unaware of the changes in perception stress causes that can occur. These changes in awareness can be frightening, as they may represent an uncomfortable and disquieting level of awareness of previously unconscious bodily processes.

Power of Constructive Pause:

is like pressing the STOP button for just a few minutes. Pausing can be hugely beneficial, especially so you can pay attention constructively and mindfully. Gently guiding your attention and thinking to help you be more present and connected, release any excess tension, and clear your mind of mental clutter.

Close your eyes and breathe in and out again and again so that you can acquire full sensory awareness. Next, relax your body from your head to your calves, stomach, upper body, arms, head, or any part that feels tense. You will learn that you can move gently from one sensation to another without getting ‘stuck’ by focusing and refocusing without anxiety, apprehension, or active attempts to force a shift in awareness.

Challenging your ‘little voices’ and changing your negative thinking will impact every aspect of your life, creating positive habits that even your worst inner critic can’t bring down.

Sometimes you will put yourself at the bottom of your priority list. This is because you have taken care of everything and everyone else before you even consider doing something for yourself.

Yet when you take care of yourself, it will be the best thing you do. It is a crucial factor in being successful at work and home. If you look after yourself properly, you will have a fulfilling life.

‘I am too busy for self-care’ ‘how can I find the time when I have thousand other things to do’.

NOW is the time you need it the most. Taking care of yourself first, therefore, is crucial to do your work — and everything else — successfully, efficiently, and discerningly so you can be fully present for the things that matter most.

From my experience, I know when I take care of myself and make time for self-care, I work better, feel better, and am more fun to be around!

It means looking after yourself, so you can best be present for the people in your life. I have learned to prioritise myself to function at my best and do specific self-care practices such as Mindfulness, Meditation, and the power of Constructive Pause to restore and energise.

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Andrea A Smith
Andrea A Smith

I help Individuals and Organisations to manage workplace stress, anxiety & overwhelm. By building long-lasting resilience, having a step-by-step guide for forming habits that stick and creating an anti-burnout culture: individuals and teams can improve their performance and productivity. To feel happier, healthier and in control of your emotions and life.