‘Fear Less Live More’ helps you reduce your stress, anxiety & bounce back from challenges transforming your life.

“I loved this book and then suggested it to my friends as the exercises helped me during a very difficult time in my life. I have let go of my negative thoughts.”

‘If you are looking for an applicable method to get over stress & overwhelm, honestly, read this book. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to change your thought patterns. I have."

"Sometimes in difficult times, it's hard to find a friend to listen to. I have used this book for dipping in & out whenever I need to, as the author gives examples of her own life story to guide you."

Why Buy this Book?

We often tend to move through life’s daily challenges, struggling with anxiety, fearful thoughts and feeling overwhelmed, sometimes not pursuing what fulfils us. Not finding what is truly meaningful or what makes you happy. This book shows you how.

In ‘Fear Less Live More’ bestselling author Andrea A Smith (Stress Coach London) shares effective techniques for combating stress, anxiety & overwhelm. Through practical exercises and real-life examples of her own journey (what got her through), she shows you how to confidently work through your challenges and find the happiness you desire. ‘

This a practical and easy-to-read guide to:

Also, if you know someone struggling with anxiety, give them a gift that could change their life from Stress Coach London.

Meet the author

Andrea’s desire to help people overcome fear and anxiety started when she worked as a Registered Nurse in the NHS. She looked after many people who were anxious and overwhelmed due to their physical ailments but did not know where to go for support.    This led Andrea to find ways to help people through their stressful times. That interest became the catalyst to qualify as a Stress Coach London.

Am I right?

Great! Then take a chance and use this book for what it is meant for, to create new values and beliefs that work for you. Embrace the positive changes you’ve made through the techniques and exercises set out here, as you fear less, live more.

Are you ready?

You are in the right place. Support is here for you to go when you feel frazzled, fearful, anxious & stressed with challenges in your daily life.  Open your mind & give this FREE workbook below to try out.

'From Stress to Success'
Personal ACCELERATOR Program

Having the book and exercises is the easy part …but the magic happens only when you use these strategies for change.

“I felt transformed, and this was exactly what I needed as my emotional and physical health was struggling with my recent struggles.”

Chloe Maynard

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