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Are you struggling with a clinically diagnosed anxiety disorder? How to stop anxiety attacks in Surrey is a question we are frequently asked? Or maybe you are only stressed from time to time. Let’s face it, while we’ve all had those moments during which our problems and fears take hold of us; you now feel like your anxious moments are increasing and getting out of control?

When an anxiety attack hits you in public, it could be even more terrifying to experience such overpowering emotion in front of other people. Good news! You don’t need to battle, though alone any more.

In this post, allow us to share with you some practical tips on how to prevent an anxiety attack.

So what Is the Difference Between an Anxiety Attack and Panic Attack?

When experiencing an anxiety attack, you feel uneasy, awful, and have shortness of breath. These are all short-lived. The episode goes away when the stressor is gone.

A panic attack is often more intense and does not come in reaction to a stressor. It is random and unprovoked.

The difference is that your symptoms of a panic attack are disruptive and intense and involves a sense of profound fear. A panic attack can appear suddenly. At the same time, anxiety symptoms vary from mild to severe and can increase gradually over time: hours, days and weeks.

What Triggers your Anxiety and Panic Attacks and how to stop anxiety attacks?

Anxiety attacks are not usual. You can, under moments of massive fear or sense of danger, have an anxiety attack where you perceive something is about to occur or intense and prolonged stress. Often, an anxiety attack can be an unprovoked fearful situational incident. Potential panic attacks could be caused by nearly anything, and you can have physical symptoms involving a sense of unreal fear. For example, you have a fear of spiders or mice: which potentially cannot really harm you, but you can still have a panic attack.

How Long Does an Anxiety and Panic Attack Last?

A typical panic attack peaks within about ten minutes. They occasionally last thirty minutes or more. However, you might feel fear so severe that you feel like you are about to lose control during that short period. Anxiety attacks usually last a few days, but you will have a few calm moments, and you can stay in control. Its it time you worked on how to stop anxiety attacks?

Can You die From Anxiety or a panic attack?

Anxiety attacks could feel like a heart attack. However, it won’t cause a person to die. Still, these attacks are severe and need to be treated as having an anxiety attack for a long time can cause physical health problems. Whereas panic attacks last for a short period and help is available for this intense fear. It’s essential to get support on how to stop panic attacks if you find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms.

How to Calm Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Do you have a friend or family member suffering from anxiety attacks?

Are you looking for answers on how to help someone with anxiety or panic attacks? Check out some of these tips below:

  • Ground yourself by practicing a deep breathing technique

Try to practice breathing into the count of seven and then out of eleven. Did you know that deep breathing boosts the supply of your oxygen to the brain? It can also encourage the parasympathetic nervous system that supports a sense of calm and ease.

Use this deep breathing technique with guided imagery, aromatherapy (your favourite scented candle or perfume) and muscle relaxation.

  • Do not fight the attack and avoid situations where you know can cause you an anxiety or panic attack

Remember that the less you fight your panic attacks, the faster you can stay in control. Just try telling yourself that you are safe. Practice mindfulness as this will help you to focus on the present- observing your thoughts, sensations and feelings without reacting to them.

  • Remind yourself that you’re going to be alright

Anxiety attacks could be frightening. However, these episodes cannot harm you. You will come out on the other side if you wait it out. Try to exercise even if it’s a ten-minute walk around your home,  it improves blood flow in a way that will re-set your carbon dioxide levels.

  • Work out what your triggers are?

List your triggers and what you are fearful of? Step the anxiety attacks before they overwhelm you? Understand why you are reacting the way you are and bring to your awareness if there are any underlying issues that you can deal with to feel in control. Find a bobby or an activity that can distract you, and you can get support from a family member or a friend.

A therapist can help you to identify and change your negative thought and mind patterns and get to the root cause of your reactions that are causing you anxiety and panic attacks.

Have you lately struggled with anxiety attacks? What are the things you do to calm yourself down? Which of the tips mentioned above will you put into practice to stop anxiety attacks? and finally how to stop anxiety attacks in Surrey?

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Andrea A Smith
Andrea A Smith

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