How to get rid of negative thoughts?

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There are many, many ways to get rid of negative thoughts work. But perhaps the best known of these is called the “heuristic-creative cycle”,  the idea that, as Anne Hutchinson explains, “Your thoughts are determined, in a very great measure, by the way you have chosen to think, feel and you then act on those thoughts.”

The subject of this article is how to get rid of negative thoughts. First, I would like to congratulate Emma Raducanu for winning the US Tennis Masters in September 2021. Despite struggling with panic earlier in 2021 and the negative, fearful thoughts she had. In June 2021, Emma had to pull out of the Wimbledon tennis championship due to panic and overwhelming anxiety. She had to face many critics, including John McEnroe, who was sceptical whether she would ever win a significant title in the future. And to improve her ability to overcome her panic and anxiety attacks in the future, she hired a sports mental health coach. Many top athletes and sportspeople in recent years have taken on mental health-related coaches to help them, how to get rid of negative thoughts.

Now, I’m not saying that negative thoughts don’t matter,  they do. Negative thoughts shape who you are, and this can affect your daily activities. But they can hinder you when they lead to anxiety and panic attacks. Also, you don’t need to convince yourself that all negative thoughts are not real, and some negative thinking can impact your physical health too.

Whenever we have negative thoughts, we should stop and think about the feelings we are having. These can be positive or negative, but we should focus on the emotions that we are experiencing.

Simple Steps to Stop the Negative thoughts:

– First, pay attention to your negative thoughts. Then, notice them. Then, get rid of them. Giving attention to your thoughts is not simple, as your brain likes to hang on to negative thoughts. The brain wants to prove that those thoughts are true. Your brain sometimes ignores positive thoughts. So, try noticing your thoughts. It’s easy to let your mind go blank as you think. Just watch it. Observe the thoughts as they arise and note them. Notice what your mind is thinking, whether they are positive or negative thoughts. If you don’t know, ask, “What’s happening in my mind right now?” Get used to observing your thoughts. Even some negative thoughts can be helpful, as you will notice them and then change them to positive ones.

“The basic principle of the Buddhist philosophy is simply this,” explains leading clinical psychologist Robert E. Voisey, MD, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Brown University ‘Attitude is everything. Our attitudes affect how we approach life in so many ways—from health and fitness to relationships, to work, and, of course, our happiness. ‘What is our attitude about life?’ Dr Voisey asks. ‘Is it positive? Are we grateful for what we have while making allowances for what we do not have? Or are we overly critical and negative, assuming the worst in ourselves, others, and life?’

How do you get rid of negative thoughts?

Use meditation, yoga, mindfulness and deep breathing techniques to stop negative thinking. Using such methods will prevent negative thoughts, and the urge to feel depressed. You can eliminate any negative feelings or habits, such as anger, hate, and loneliness, and be present with whatever is happening in your life. As a result, you will feel happy and calm.

You will not feel sad, bored or lonely. You will not be a person who blames other people for your overthinking or negative thoughts.

– Differentiate between GOOD and BAD Thoughts.

– Rationalize the feelings. It is good to know what is causing you to overthink, feel anxious, or feel overwhelmed.

– Shift your mood. It is possible to be happy and push away the negative thoughts. Just take action to change whatever that is causing your negative thoughts.

– Be alert. Just because we have negative thoughts does not mean that they are true. See it as a moment of curiosity. As some might say, give it a try and see if negative thoughts are true.

-Self-affirmation is a simple technique that everyone can learn. By doing it, we are creating a positive emotion that stimulates self-esteem and self-respect.

As we move forward to a new normal in October 2021, where we don’t know what to expect and what not to. The fear is so natural, and with that comes negative thoughts. So practice meditation and mindfulness, exercise regularly and shift your mindset from negative thoughts.

If any of these strategies – how to get rid of negative thoughts resonate with you,  Call me or email me and read more about overcoming your stress symptoms.

Andrea A Smith
Andrea A Smith

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