How to Cope with Crippling Work-Related Anxiety?

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Let’s face it. It’s almost impossible to prevent work-related anxiety. At one point or another, you will see yourself stressed out about something. Often, it is deadlines, sometimes essential meetings. There are also instances when you catch yourself with too many tasks on your desk to deal with. How to cope with crippling work-related anxiety is a frequent question you would like the answer to?

However, only because you cannot get rid of stress from your life does not necessarily mean you should allow it to overcome you. Remember that work-related anxiety or too many anxious thoughts can harm your body and mental health. Further, it can leave you unsatisfied and depressed in every possible way.

Do you want to know how to get over Work-Related anxiety?

We got some tips to help you get started in dealing with panic attacks at work:
  • Learn how to say no

Saying no is perhaps one of the most challenging things you will learn. Most people fear getting fired if they stand up for themselves in their workplace. However, there’s no use in being tired and overworked. You’ll feel more stressed and anxious.

Talk about why you must refuse to do a task when unsure how to do it. Also, explain that you will not feel confident to do this task and that it will negatively affect the quality of your work.

  • Have enough time for yourself

Remember that the key to lowering all that anxiety about work is taking good care of yourself mentally and physically. Make time for fun activities such as hanging out with friends, going for a massage, walking your dog, or just doing your hobby. Doing more of these things makes you satisfied, helping relieve the feelings of dread.

Sleeping well, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly can help you fight that crippling work-related anxiety.

  • Taking breaks is not a luxury; it is a need!

People are more likely to skip their much-deserved breaks, especially if they have a deadline approaching or have different tasks to complete. In turn, they become less focused, restless, or stressed as the day passes.

You need to stand up from your computer during your workday. Try to go for a quick walk at lunchtime. Why don’t you call your family members to see how they are doing? Hang out with your coworkers. The important thing is that you can have some breaks throughout the day to chill and relax.

  • Let the worry and work-related anxiety go

Take note that holding in your emotions isn’t a good thing. Indeed, it would help if you did not fall apart during an important meeting. Opening up isn’t simple, but it can influence your stress levels.

Do not be afraid to ask for advice, cry, and rant. You will feel much better after you let it all out. However, pick your time and place so things do not get awkward. You need a safe space to go to pieces, pick yourself up, put your good face and go back out to slay the demons.

Do not knock these tips on work-related anxiety until you have tried it. Take time to breathe in and out to keep your balance when you feel stressed, tense or overwhelmed.

There you have it. These are some of our tips on how to stop being anxious at work. Which of these do you practice often?

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Andrea A Smith
Andrea A Smith

I help Individuals and Organisations to manage workplace stress, anxiety & overwhelm. By building long-lasting resilience, having a step-by-step guide for forming habits that stick and creating an anti-burnout culture: individuals and teams can improve their performance and productivity. To feel happier, healthier and in control of your emotions and life.