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Last week on Loose Woman (ITV Program) singer/actress Frankie Bridge opened up on when she was left not being able to get more antidepressants. She had accidentally run out of her prescription on a bank holiday, to dealing with overwhelming anxiety. She went on to explain the uncomfortable side effects she experienced as a result of coming off the antidepressants as she had not taken her doctor’s help. Her mood, fears and anxiety resurfaced as a result of going ‘cold turkey’ to come off her tablets.

How we feel before coming off antidepressants

Symptoms of coming off antidepressants to deal with overwhelming anxiety. It’s essential that you take stock of your own life before trying to come off antidepressants. This will allow you to develop a long-term, healthy plan for dealing with the experience. It’s vital that you are clear about what your goals are before taking antidepressants. Understand what you hope to gain from stopping them and how you’ll feel once you have.

Once you’ve determined what you hope to gain, look out for withdrawal symptoms as you’re weaning yourself off them. It’s vital that you don’t run out of antidepressants. If you’re having withdrawal symptoms you’re probably having a problem. You’ll need to address any withdrawal symptoms. The most common side effect is restlessness, which may be relieved by moving around when dealing overwhelming anxiety.

Benefits of getting off antidepressants to dealing with overwhelming anxiety

Dr Simon Rego, a psychiatrist at Montefiore Medical Centre, told Healthista: “It depends. Not everyone is a good candidate to come off. Some people come off to find that they are bouncing off the walls and can’t sleep, and some come off to find that they are absolutely sad.

“There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. But everybody who comes off is very different.”

He added: “Antidepressants are temporary mood stabilizers. When someone comes off the medication, they will likely experience some mood swings. Antidepressants are powerful drugs, and there is a long list of side effects to look out for. “The benefits of coming off antidepressants will depend on the individual.” Takeaway messages So what does this mean? “Make sure you take your medication,” said Dr Rego.

Side effects and benefits of getting off antidepressants

Remembering being in the NHS waiting room last year, she was forced to make a trip back to see a doctor as she struggled to function. Frankie tweeted: ‘At the @nhs surgery this morning for 2 hours. They couldn’t do anything. There’s nothing for me. ‘I was told to take my pills to work and that’s it. I took them to work. It was awful. I honestly had no idea. I didn’t know how I would get out of bed the next day.

‘The withdrawal symptoms are so weird, like you feel like you can’t see. I thought my pupils would dilate. They didn’t. I couldn’t feel my legs.’

How can I tell if it’s a withdrawal from antidepressants? In the early stages, you might feel similar symptoms to what you may experience when coming off the drugs.

Feeling better after stopping antidepressants

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions can be managed successfully. They are chronic conditions that require long-term treatment. You may be able to reduce the amount of medication you take when the condition improves. Getting support for your issues is key here to feeling better & dealing with overwhelmin g anxiety.


One of the problems is that people with mental illnesses often feel ashamed and isolated, something that can be heightened by mental health charities and support groups that are often run in a way that is counter to how people think, or feel about themselves. Often depression and anxiety sufferers see them as websites where they can chat with other people and feel like they are not alone when dealing with overwhelming anxiety.

This is also the case for support groups and charities for homeless people who have to deal with not only physical illness but also mental illness. Stopping and restarting antidepressants is common till you find what works for you and speak to your doctor before you do this.

Connect with me at or read here for more tips for dealing with stress & anxiety and let’s get you some support or help you need. This will answer an important question you have – ‘how long after stopping antidepressants before I feel normal again’ and help to dealing with overwhelming anxiety.

Andrea A Smith
Andrea A Smith

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