Change Your Thoughts Change Your Mind

Your personalised Resilient mind planner With Tips to help you deal with Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm, Boost your mood & Feel more in control.
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Step1. What are your challenges & what do you want to focus on today?

Step2. What would be different if this situation were resolved?

Step3. Watch these videos here, as it includes the most important elements you need to feel better.

Here is your Daily Living Map with your Resilient Mind Planner.

Tip 1: Download the Resilient Mind Planner, a daily living journal to write down your thoughts and feeling to make you feel better.

Tip 2: Benefits of Reframing your
thoughts (Video)

reframe your thoughts for stress management
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Tip 3: Mindfulness tricks to reduce anxiety

mindfulness tricks to reduce anxiety
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Tip 4: Thinking Correctly Under Pressure (T- CUP)

stress management tips
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Tip 5: How to develop a Growth Mindset

stress relief tips to build your growth mindset
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Tip 6: Improve your Mental Health using 
Exercise (Video)

stress management tips by using exercise
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Tip 7: Building Better
Habits using 5 easy steps (Video)

stress relief tips by building better habits
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Tip 8: Improve Sleep for better mental health (Video)

stress management techniques to sleep better
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Tip 9: Help is here.

If you feel stuck and need help to move forward with a different perspective / story.  Let go of those unwanted feelings by Booking a free discovery call here.

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