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OUR Upcoming Events

Week #1 – Navigating the Unknown: Tactics for Facing and Rising Above Fear

Week #2 – The Anxiety Toolkit: Proven Techniques to Navigate and Neutralize Stress

Week #3 – Silencing the Mental Noise: A Guide to Combat Overthinking and Persistent Worry

Week #4 – Redefining Your Reality: Techniques to Overcome Negative Thinking Patterns

Week #5 – From Chaos to Calm: Comprehensive Steps to Beat Overwhelm

Week #6 – Efficiency Unlocked: Tips for Peak Productivity Even Under Stress

Week #7 – Everyday Zen: Stress-Relief Tips for Lasting Well-being

Week #8 – Building Resilience Routines: The Role of Beneficial Habits in Stress Management

Week #9 – Time Mastery: Maximising Moments for Enhanced Well-being

Week #10 – Shaping the Resilient Mind: Strategies for a Robust Mindset

Week #11 – Confidently Combatting Stress: The Blueprint for Boosting Self-Assurance

Week #12 – Proactivity Over Procrastination: Solutions for Taking Charge of Your Time

Week #13 – Emotionally Equipped: Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence for Stress Mastery

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All events are free and run on a thirteen week cycle, four times a year. Details of the next event topic will follow your booking.

Stress Coach

About Andrea A Smith

Andrea A Smith brings a rich tapestry of both academic knowledge and hands-on experience. Armed with dual degrees — a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Clinical Hypnosis, complemented by a Master’s in Psychology — Andrea offers a holistic approach rooted in over 25 years of professional practice.

Throughout her illustrious 12-and-a-half years working directly with fellow professionals, Andrea, as a compassionate registered nurse, has intimately observed the battles many face with stress and anxiety. What pained her the most was seeing individuals grappling with their issues, often resorting to medication without genuinely addressing the root of their challenges.

Andrea’s mission is to free professionals from the chains of limiting behaviours, relentless stress, and consuming worry. By introducing pivotal shifts and breaking age-old patterns, she makes the necessary behavioural changes that yield monumental rewards. Check out her recently published book “Fear Less Live More” to help people tackle stress, anxiety, overwhelm and guilt.

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