Help your team meet today's challenges & thrive

A transformational mindset program for organisations who want to reduce stress, promote well-being and thrive.

Reduces Workplace Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Improves your team’s productivity & performance

Create an Anti-Burnout culture success

Physical health is talked about openly. Mental health isn’t.

As an organisation, it’s not easy to know when people are struggling. Our workload is increasing. Stress & anxiety is rising. We live in a fast-paced world, and times are tough. We’ve never experienced turbulence like this. With the cost-of-living crisis and energy prices rising, these issues affect every one of us and the organisation. 

My ACE Accelerator program is designed to promote physical, mental and emotional health, support those who feel overwhelmed and help everyone meet today’s many challenges and thrive.

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Everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and perform at their best.

ACE Accelerator develops workplace stress resilienc o your team has the:

ACE Accelerator is more than a well-being program – this is ALL about Building Lasting Resilience tailored to your organisation.

Many organisations know that life is stressful and overwhelming for their team, and they’re not sure how to best support them.

Having your teams go through my ACE Accelerator will enable them to feel happier, healthier and more engaged at work. So that your organisation thrives.

Protects your employee's from stress and burnout
Maintains peak team performance & productivity.
Trains people to bounce back from adversity
Develop employee mindset for a balanced life
Energise them to be their best selves at work and home.
Transform challenges into strength and stress into resilience.
‘Focus is on employee empowerment, enhancing mental and emotional health, productivity and performance – because when your people flourish and your organisation thrives.’

"I was one of the initial customers who used ACE accelerator. I followed my heart's desire to find that happy space; worry, stress and anxiety relief. My team has grown now, and I would use her program again"

Sally Monroe

"ACE Accelerator" will bring three critical concepts (Awareness, Connection & Engagement) to your team's performance.

Here’s what the ACE Accelerator program looks like: